Warranty Registration

Dear Customer,

POGNAE provided the warranty against the workmanship defect.


For the Warranty registration, Kindly type the following NEW link below:


  • You can choose the Language provided in the link.
  • Key in the Serial No which attached on the waist belt.
  • Sample of Serial No Tag as per below:



1. Please register the warranty within 2 months from the purchasing date.

    We will help you to register for the warranty if the ETD date has not due yet.

    Kindly email us the details as follow:




     Phone number:


     Copy of Serial number:


     Copy of your receipt:


2. Once you lose the authentication tag attached to a product, the re-issuance is not provided.

   (The Serial No Tag which printed on Hologram Blue Color Tag is attached on the waist belt)

3. The serial number is not transferable to others (Serial NO. can be registered only 1 time).

4. If you have any concerns regarding on warranty, please email us at sales@pognae.sg.


Remarks: We would like to inform the previous link "http://www.pognae.com/certification/main/main.asp" as printed in Hello Card is no longer valid. We apology for the inconvenience that cause.


Thank you

Best Regards,